Cyber Safeguard

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Cyber Safeguard Team

Cyber Safeguard

Cyber Safeguard is a cyber recovery service and here to help when things go wrong. Either as a subscribing customer or as pay as you go we are here to command, control and recover from your cyber incident or data breach.

GDPR Compliant Breach Management

We fully manage our clients data breach and are fully compliant with the requirements of GDPR. From pay as you go to subscription based we offer our clients complete peace of mind that a breach is being managed to GDPR and we help our clients recover.

GDPR Compliant Breach Management and GDPR Compliant Breach Notification.

Ransomware Data Recovery

We specialise in Ransomware Data Recovery. It can be devastating when an attack happens. We help our clients recover from Ransomware attack and where possible will help fully recover clients data.